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Artist and Society

Everybody has said whatever I saidEveryone has entered the knowledge garden

In today’s world where technology and industry have taken the lead from life, it may be possible to enter the art world for a few moments and rejuvenate so that one can find oneself again in the struggle of life and take a small step forward in this endeavor to serve and work for ourselves and future generations.

There is no sign of having no address in the lane of love.

This is where the artists help their congeners and do great jobs with a view to the society in their surroundings by creating audio, volumetric, and visual works, etc. Sometimes hearing music, seeing a painting, seeing a calligraphic work, visiting a museum, reading a sonnet of a poet, and visiting an old mansion give us the feeling that we are alive again, our views are changed, and a good feeling is formed in us.All of these states are derived from the spirit and thinking of the artist who created these works and may no longer be any work from him, but his visual and auditory works for centuries are reminiscent of his sublime thinking for the people of later generations in the course of their lives.Thus, the mission of the artists is both in their time and after. In such a way that during life, by burning and melting in a not so healthy environment (the surrounding society), they struggle with many troubles, but they create valuable works and these works remain and remain and remain and. ……..

Up to the end of the world, there is a boundary between knowing and not knowing.It has been so, from the beginning of the world.

In all eras, most artists who have reached a certain intellectual development and a new world has emerged for them, have become very quick-tempered and with elegant manner, having gradually moved away from the crowded and noisy society, not just because they have given up or chosen a secluded place, but perhaps to better focus and create more valuable works.

Forough Farrokhzad (One of the contemporary Iranian poets)The pain that enforces silence is much heavier than the pain that enforces crying. Humans take care of each other’s cries and not the silence of one another.

Sometimes, due to the lack of cultural, social, and economic conditions of the community, they migrate so that they may find a turning point in dealing with other cultures, artists and civilizations in order to find a new way in this field and continue on this path.

  A memory of Aref (Aref Qazvini, one of the contemporary poets and musicians in Iran):If I have not served my country, but I did not  really do sny betrayalI did not

.It may take us only five to ten minutes to see a painting or listen to a cassette, but the artist who created it has been following it for months or maybe years to create something new, and when it is finished, he will get a new life again and goes in search of creating a new work again, but really creating a special and unique work is a very difficult task that requires the creative power of an artist’s magic mind and fingers.Therefore, whenever we see or hear an artistic work and a good feeling is conveyed to us, we realize that a passionate artist has created such a work.Your valuable time was spent reading my manuscripts.I am grateful for your kindness in this.Hoping for days full of love and affection.

artist are going to be the metronome of this society(yoko ono)


Mir Jamal Irajpour..Isfaha…Iran

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