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Remember the father

Never dies the one whose heart was revived by love

It is recorded on a page of our world of durability

Remembrance of the father:
In 1968, my dear father came to Isfahan known as the origin of Iranian art, from Urmia. Due to his great interest and talent for traditional music, my father went to the class held by the great master “Ali Khan Saghari”, and participated in his classes before his death My father was also interested in designing from his adolescence and was one of the top students for painting in the art school.

No reveler can be passionate

Drawing sadness cannot be done by every painter

Due to the atmosphere of the society, the father was always alone and worked alone. Only at the insistence of one of his close friends, he participated in the Isfahan Veterans Painting Exhibition, in 1997, in Aali Qapo Gallery with some paintings
In June 2006, my father passed away. I do indeed miss him

A lover is not possible for every orgy

Grief is not the painter industry

He continued oil painting in Isfahan and left about 50 oil paintings by himself. What I remember from my childhood and adolescence is his interest in Hafez Shirazi. He used to sing Iranian songs in proportion to the Iranian rhythms from Hafez’s book that he had. There are some cassettes available from his private recorded songs





See some of his father’s paintings below

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